How to Shop for a Drone Camera

how to shop for drone
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Have you ever wondered how those stunning aerial videos and photos you can see on TV and social media and magazines are taken? Then you might not have heard of camera drones! Yes, drones are responsible for those amazing aerial shots used in different media. A drone with a camera has practically defined aerial photography and filming. It has also become very useful in surveying, mapping and related applications.

Drone with cameras have also become less expensive as more and more manufacturers have come out with different models. An entry-level camera drone can be had for less than $500. Professional-quality models, however, can fetch close to $2,000.

There are numerous drone cameras available in the market which can make it a bit tough to choose just one model. In selecting a drone with camera, consider these factors:

  1. Stability/Reliability

Safety will always be a key factor when buying a drone, more so one which comes with a camera. Look for a drone with features such as auto return-to-home that typically is activated when the battery runs low, as well as an obstacle avoidance system.

  1. Camera

Naturally, you’d want a drone with a high-definition camera to capture high resolution images. Some of the camera specs you will have to look into are the ISO range, sensor size, shutter speed and photography modes. Professional-quality cameras are typically equipped with 1-inch sensors and can capture a minimum of 12-megapixel images and 4K video.

  1. Other functions

The best camera drones are equipped with smart functions.  One example is  ActiveTrack, which enables the drone to recognize an object , follow it naturally and keep the object in the frame while in flight.  The drone should also have obstacle detection.

  1. Portability

The ideal camera drone is portable enough to be brought anywhere, from parks to mountains. It should be small and lightweight to be packed into a backpack.