Everything You Need to Know about Quadcopter

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Are you interested in buying a quadcopter? What can you do with these drones? Do you have an idea what to look for? Continue reading as we look into the fascinating world of quadcopters.

If you have been reading drone-related articles and reviews, it is very likely you’ve noticed how quadcopters and drones are frequently used. In fact, both terms are used interchangeably that a reader may think that both a drone is a quadcopter, and vice versa.

A quadcopter is simply a drone with four rotors. Each rotor consists of a propeller and motor. Two of its rotors turn clockwise while the others turn in the opposite direction. On the other hand, a drone is a general term to describe any type of unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV.

Uses of Quadcopters

Quadcopters are not only used for recreational flying. These drones are also used for the following practical applications:

  • Research— these UAVs can scan different kinds of terrain, giving researchers new perspectives on different topics such as wildlife migration
  • Emergency services— authorities such as policemen use quadcopters to track suspects while rescue teams rely on them for disaster relief.
  • Agriculture—quadcopters can be used in monitoring crop yields
  • Mapping and surveying—quadcopters are used in industries like construction, agriculture and mining for mapping, surveying and data gathering.

What to look for in a quadcopter

 In choosing a quadcopter, you should consider the following factors:

  1. User’s skill level. If you haven’t flown a quadcopter in your life, then you shouldn’t get a quadcopter that is designed for expert flyers. Instead, buy a quadcopter that is easy to fly with features such as auto-take off and landing.
  2. Battery life. Some quadcopters can fly for six minutes while others have a longer battery life of 12 to 15 minutes. Aside from the flight time that the battery can afford to the quadcopter, you should also look at how many hours it would take for the battery to become fully charged.
  3. Height. Consider the specific needs of the user when considering how high the quadcopter can fly. For example, a quadcopter intended for taking live-action video during a football game may have to fly 300 feet above the ground. But if you are to buy a quadcopter for recreational flying, then a drone that can reach 100 feet may suffice.
  4. Controllable range. Most quadcopters can be controlled at a distance of 30 meters, which is good enough if you are a casual user. But you need a higher range if you are to use a quadcopter for taking aerial footages.
  5. Camera. Even casual flyers would love getting their hands on a quadcopter with a camera as it makes drone flying even more fun. It is advisable to get a quadcopter with a built-in camera instead of one wherein a camera such as a GoPro can be attached to it. In choosing a quadcopter that can capture images and videos, consider the resolution and the distance of the camera.